July 15th, 2005


What day is it again? There was something I had to do this evening, I think..

This morning I woke up and my alarm had been going off for about 10 minutes, and I was absolutely convinced it was Saturday. It took a while to dawn on me that if it were Saturday, there would be No Alarm. I -never- sleep through my alarm. What's with that?

Yesterday we had a rep from Meticulous Maids come and look through the house to quote for regular cleaning. With all the stuff we want done, it's going to end up being $30 a week each. Is this expensive? I have no idea. From the point of view of 'oh, it's just a bit of housework', it probably is expensive. But from the point of view of 'I sell my life in chunks for money and don't want to spend my limited free time vacuuming', I think it's worth it. Also, to be able to invite people around and know the house will be clean satisfies my inner housefrau (yes, she's there - cowed and beaten maybe, but there - my Mum did a good job on me).

We decided to go for a company instead of a casual arrangement, because of the 'professional distance' thing - it's easier to ring up a company and go 'Oi! The carpet was still dirty. Please come back and do it again.' It's a tough call, because you want to give the money to someone you know, but so many of those kind of arrangements end up with both parties wishing they didn't know each other. So, Meticulous Maids will be swooping on Unh HQ next week and transforming it into the show home we all know it can be.

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Doop de do, roll on this evening, when it really will be the weekend.
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