July 14th, 2005


Yeah, what he said

Today is Bastille Day. A celebration of the French Revolution in 1789, when the people stormed the Bastille. The diary of Louis the Sixteenth (king at the time) for that day reads 'Rien', which means 'nothing'. Master of understatement or so detached he never saw it coming? Hmm.. anyway, désirent ardemment la liberté de phase. Please, actual language folks, feel free to correct my Babelfish French.

All these aeroplanes are playing havoc with my ears. Anyone know a good place to get them syringed before I go on the big grown-up plane that goes really high? I'd hate to spend my time in America deaf.

Oh yes, and there -are- some young hot builders. I met them yesterday. Sadly they are also mostly inflated with their own importance and kind of chauvanistic. But pretty to look at. ;-)
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