July 9th, 2005


*does the happy upgrade dance*

For them that don't know, I spent the money 4 weeks ago, and the first new motherboard was faulty. Then I had to wait while a new one was imported. It arrived yesterday. Now, I can run through any door in IF and not get stuck. This makes me very happy.

My car just came second in a virtual race with 25 other cars from 0-60. It was beaten by a Jeep Grand Cherokee. ???

There was aikido, at which I sucked more than usual. List of hurty bits after Thursday's fun - the abs just under my solar plexus, side muscles, and some in the back of my neck. Shoulders hurt but I can't tell if that's from circus or from bouldering on Tuesday. It was fun. You should all come. We all got off the ground, too. ;-)

I've decided to not come as I'm not (or knot) tonight, this week has been frantic and full of meetings, physical activity and snot. So I'm gonna stay home and bask in 2G of RAM and what I can do with it. So you lot all have fun, mmk?

Also, is Season 7 worth it? Half of me wants to see it just so I've seen it all, half of me saw the end of Season 6 and thought it might be good to leave it there. Opinions?