July 7th, 2005


There is hope, right?

The sunrise this morning was stunning - all reds and pinks and oranges splashed across the sky above Eastbourne. Me, sitting there on the bus, breathless, and nobody else even looked. That saying, 'Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning?' Well, I've been a shepherd and I'm not convinced. Sure, it may signify a change in the weather but it doesn't always mean rain.

In other news, I got the report back from parent-teacher meetings. My mum goes, nobody else in his family does. This time I think that's a good thing. He's not doing that well, particularly socially. He doesn't 'play well with others' and is becoming sneaky to avoid getting in trouble. On the upside, his schoolwork is ok, but the teacher said he is only firing on about half power work wise. Luckily for him that's enough to scrape through, but he isn't achieving anywhere near what he could.

It's very frustrating being completely powerless to help. Right now I just want to swoop in and rescue him. Instead I'm focusing on what I can do when I finally do get a chance to do something. I just hope it isn't too late when it happens.

*sigh* Damn hard way to learn a lesson, watching someone else suffer because of your fuckup..
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They should just give up

This may sound callous and horrible and yes I have loved ones in London too, but terrorist strikes have lost their shock value.

It's awful, yes. But striking terror? I feel jaded about the whole thing.