July 1st, 2005


Sunshine makes it hard to concentrate

Overheard on the bus this morning - "Well, now I'm married I can let myself go."

Yikes. I could write 3000 word essay on that statement, but I'll spare you. *collective sigh of relief* I'll keep it short and just say I'm embarrased for my gender that it came out of the mouth of a woman.

In other news, Level 60! Finally! *fanfare and trumpets* See me flex my mighty mage muscle!

Oh, that didn't sound good did it?

Did I mention that I'm going to America? *grin* I'm so fourteen right now. ;-)

All with the gender-related stuff today.

This in NBR:

"Who is eligible for COGS funding? Maori, women, Pacific communities, other ethnic communities, older people, the rurally isolated, people with disabilities, families, youth and children, and unemployed people. So that's everyone but white men."

Never mind the gay whales, how about some support and rallying for the single white guy with a job and no kids? I'll happily be liaison.. ;-)

EDIT: n00b question that will totally blow any geek credibility I had... What's the difference, if any, between a laptop and a notebook? And if there is no difference, why the name change?