June 27th, 2005


Eyes opened, the better to observe the shirtless men in leather pants

It feels really nice to wear leather, even if it isn't real leather. And, I'm told, it looks really nice too. *beam* I'm learning to accept compliments gracefully. Two years ago I would have denied, shrugged and run away to hide if someone told me I looked nice.

Mind you, two years ago I would never have gone to a party like the one I went to, or worn a skin-tight leather dress in public. Oh no, gender-disguising was what I was all about. Safer that way. But, I'm really getting the hang of stepping outside my comfort zone, and people like the ones I shared Saturday's experience with are one of the reasons.

People who ask permission before touching, who appreciate beauty without having to possess it, and who genuinely care about personal safety. Even if there is no such thing as absolute safety, there are situations where the illusion or gut-feeling of safety makes it possible to expand one's boundaries. I expanded my boundaries on Saturday. Thank you to all concerned. It was huge fun, and I got to be the camera-fairy again, and there were no less than five (count 'em - five) shirtless men for me to look at, photograph and surreptitiously fondle. <-- Makes Tats happy. ;-)

Sunday was all about the lying-in till 2pm and the eating of brunchinner (bacon, eggs, vogel toast, hash browns, venison sausages, mushrooms, hollandaise sauce - all the naughty stuff) at 4pm and then more lying around and being deliciously decadent.

Hmm. So much for my quiet weekend in.

Oh yes, and there might - just might - be Burning Man. *excited*