June 22nd, 2005



This evening, I have to choose to do one of several things, all of which I want to do. Here are the options:

Go to training where I may or may not be graded. I have had this grading hanging over my head for 6 weeks, and I've been faithfully going to training and passing up other opportunities, but so far no grading. It seems odd to me that there hasn't been a date set for me to arrange my life around.

Attend a gathering of like-minded people to celebrate an annual event that is particularly special to me.

Play WoW with one of my favourite imaginary friends, who has been offline for several weeks due to moving house. We arranged to meet up tonight.

*sigh* Regardless of what I do I will be letting someone down. What's most important?

Also, why don't bras last forever? It's not as if mine have any real weight to hold up, you'd think they'd handle the small amount of stress for more than three months before falling apart. Anyone know where I can find industrial-strength ones that don't dig in and still look nice? Seems silly to be spending money on a regular basis just for the sake of respectability. I don't need a bra, I only wear one so I don't poke anyone's eye out with my extroverted, over-friendly nipples. And *feeling slightly ashamed* so people don't look at me and think "Oh look, she's not wearing a bra, she must be one of those women. The free-love kind."

I know. I shouldn't care. But I do.