June 19th, 2005


What kind of buff are you?

Last night I had filthy, filthy dreams about Richard from Top Gear. If only he knew, he would not look so innocent. Oh no. *smirk*

I put it down to the plethora of beauty I witnessed last night. Getting dressed up is fun! Other people getting dressed up is even more fun! Cameras are fun too, and everyone should harrass Rodger and Allyn till we get to see some photos. And it appeared that our hostess had fun, which is most important of all. I've had more alcohol in the last two days than in the previous two years..

Earlier, there was a party at which there were only 3 kiwis, which was also very cool.

And the Secret Buff is no longer secret. It shall hereby be renamed the Blatant Buff. There must be more secret buff around here somewhere..

*goes looking*
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