June 17th, 2005


When zombies attack

I find this very disturbing.

For those of you who don't want to download the short movie, It's a clip where hypnotist Derren Brown rigs a zombie video game to flash repeatedly and thus put the player into a catatonic state, upon which they cart him off down the road on a trolley and wake him up in the middle of a real-life enactment of the game, ie he is surrounded by 'zombies'. You can imagine the guy's reaction. Then just when he's about to go completely insane, Derren comes along, re-hypnotises the guy, wheels him back to the pub and sets him up in front of the game again. When he wakes, the guy thinks he's just had a really amazing video game experience.

Two things that bother me about this - first, is it ok to kidnap some random guy and subject him to psychological experiments in the name of entertainment? And second, if you watch his friends you can see that they are concerned but they just go along with it. Not once do you hear them ask what's going on or go "Oi! That's my friend!"

I would like to think that if I suddenly went catatonic in front of a video game and someone tried to cart me off on a stretcher, my friends would interfere on my behalf. Even if it was a famous hypnotist. In fact, especially if it was a famous hypnotist. OK?