June 15th, 2005


Any more victims?

So it's looking like 8 people so far for playing in the snow and various off-snow silliness, and the time that seems most salubrious (hee! I got to use it!) is early August. So I'm looking at the weekend of 6-7 or 13-14 August. To clarify the cost, if you don't have a season pass or your own gear, I suggest you go to the Mt Ruapehu site and have a look at rates. I'm all for staying in National Park Backpackers which is $22 a night, has a climbing wall and a spa pool, and are tolerant of folks with high spirits. If you've never skied or boarded before, I thoroughly recommend factoring a lesson in to your costs - hey, they got me going! So my estimated $200-$250 includes petrol, accommodation, lift passes and gear hire (hiring off-mountain is usually cheaper and easier and there's a place in Wellington that does a good deal - Wild Winds down by the Overseas Terminal. Food and beverages would be on top I guess. More accurate estimate when the Ruapehu site is back up. Um, that's it for now, feedback and more volunteers to let me throw snow at you would be all good.

In other news, I went climbing. First time since broken toe, and I'm happy to say that my toe is fine. My arms, however, are like rubber bands and Fergs has been taken over by people who take themselves far too seriously. Of course we did our best to remedy that. One-armed climbing - entertainment for the whole family. My face this morning when I try to lift my coffee cup - entertainment for everyone at work.

It felt good to be back. My body loves to climb. I've missed it.