June 14th, 2005


Acting like kids

Yesterday I bought a book of horse and pony stories by the Pullein-Thompson sisters. Anyone who liked horses as a kid and likes to read will have heard of these ladies. They have been very prolific for as long as I can remember and provided me with hours of entertainment. In fact, I'm starting to think they are immortal, because they wrote like old ladies back then and they are still going strong.

So anyway, last night I settled down with my new book, ready for a huge burst of nostalgia. But, well.. things have changed. I've changed. Now I read their stories and there is a wee voice in the back of my head that is lecturing about British upper middle class assumptions, and noticing the bigotry of the characters and the lack of subtlety in the writing. The people in the story have no knowledge of any kind of life outside of theirs, where parents magically come up with money for new saddles and men come in to do the gardens. I still love the horsey bits, I just don't remember the rest ever being an issue. Curse you, adult viewpoint, for ruining my escapism!

In other news, the ski season starts in about three weeks. I was contemplating organising a trip for all the people who've mentioned to me that they'd be keen to give skiing/boarding a go, to do a weekend together. So what do we all think? Good idea? Bad idea? Who's keen and available when? In terms of cost we'd be looking at around $200-250 each plus whatever you choose to eat/drink. I'd like to get an idea of how many people would be interested before I start any solid planning.