June 8th, 2005


Some words and numbers

AMD Athlon 2600XP (1.9Ghz 166x11.5) *Barton Core* 333Mhz Socket A CPU + Fan

Soltek SL-75MRN-L Socket A Motherboard, ATX, nVidia nForce2 chipset, 333Mhz FSB, 3x184pin DDR slots, 1xAGP 5xPCI 2xIDE ATA133 *2xUSB2 *integrated GeForce-4 MX Graphics *Integrated 6 Channel Audio *Integrated LAN

Legend (Hynix) 1GB PC3200 DDR (400Mhz) Memory x2

Does this mean I'll be able to run my screen at maximum resolution?


Also, Wellingtonians are letting their hair down. Or something. I counted 12 hair ties lying on the pavement on my walk to work this morning. This almost rivals the undie-shedding from last year..