June 7th, 2005


Oh look

Kim is back in town and the sun's shining again. Well golly. ;-) Welcome back, Uned Ones!

So I have this effect on older men. It's not that I'm particularly beautiful or charming (go on, someone tell me I am, make my day!), or that I have them wrapped around my finger, but I certainly seem to be able to influence anyone who's male and more than about 15 years older than me more effectively than any other age/gender group. I get twinkled at a lot and there seems to be a father-daughter type thing going on. It was very noticeable in the meeting I was at the other day, where I was the only woman and the youngest by about 20 years.

Or is it even me? Maybe it's just that these guys are from a different age and I'm so used to the combination of equality and misogyny that NZ's over-pc-ness has vomited up to today's women that good old-fashioned chivalry and gentlemanliness takes me by surprise?

Anyway, I'm wondering if it's ethically ok to use this to my benefit while at the same time feeling resentful about being asked to organise meetings and write letters when it's not in my job description. Hmmm... *thinks*

[EDIT] OK I have a dentist appointment. It's on Thursday. They said "filling" and "root canal" and I'm freaking out. I've never had anything done to my teeth except two very painful extractions, and I'm scared from all the stories I've heard.