June 1st, 2005



When did a mattress stop being a mattress and start being a 'sleep system'?

And what's with the whole obsession with the word 'system' anyway?

Anyway, off to go use my tooth-cleaning system and turn off the lighting system so I can get under my hibernatory warmth system and get some beauty system improvement..

You know you've got it bad when..

You have real life get-togethers for your guildies from WoW. On one hand I'm almost ashamed of myself, on the other I'm kind of excited and feeling like a secret society member. Also, unbridled game-talk, with nobody sighing and looking at their watch in the background? Could be quite nice.

However, as with many of my activities, I will be the token girl. In celebration of this I'm going to wear my girly tartan wool skirt and my new girly shoes and look like a girl and freak everybody out. When are some other girls going to upgrade their pcs and come join me? *looks pointedly at People*

Also, does anybody know what happened in lower Tory Street last Friday around lunchtime? I can't find any information anywhere.