May 19th, 2005


Admirable characters, according to 'The Majority'

There was a poll on a mailing list I'm on. The results were somewhat disturbing, and tell me I'm definitely not in the majority..

Which male movie character do you most admire?
1st. Indiana Jones, 24%
2nd. Maximus Decimus Meridias in "Gladiator."
3rd Andy Defresne in "The Shawshank Redemption."

Says it all, really, doesn't it?

Which female character do you most admire?
1st. 22 percent said Clarice Starling
2nd. Uma Thurman's Bill-killing Beatrix Kiddo at 17 percent.
3rd. Ellen Ripley in "Alien."

Scary women rate?

Who is the sexiest actress of all time?
1st Salma Hayek with 18 percent
2nd Halle Berry
3rd Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Hmm. Halle, yes. The others?

My personal opinion:
Male: Not a movie character, but Xander from Buffy. Why? He's a hero, but not in a buff (*grin*), stupid way. Watch the episode where Buffy splits with Riley...
Female: Tank Girl. Why? She's funny, tough, doesn't let anything get her down, and never runs out of sassy comebacks. Plus, she's hawt.
Sexiest actress: Beatrice Dalle. Why? Watch Betty Blue. And while I'm at it.. Jean-Hughes Anglade (Zorg) for hottest guy. Yup, an eye-fest of hot people. ;-)
So, anyone care to share their opinion?