May 18th, 2005


Because we are a stuff-based society

My bag broke the other day. It's done well, I've had it for two years and anyone who knows me knows that my gear 'really lives'. Anyway, one of the straps came off while I was crossing the street, leaving me with only one. Can't have that, I thought, after all my preaching about symmetrical arm swinging and the like. So off I went to the Warewhare and parted with another $24.95 (spare no expense, me) on the subtlest one I could find. Notice how backpacks these days are all with the fluoro colours and the big writing? I managed to find one that was mostly black (because if you live in Wellington you must wear black, it's the Law) with only a small area of white and minimal reflectorised bits.

So I'm transferring my stuff into this new bag and I realise just how much I carry around with me daily. It's a lot. But oh-so potentially useful. Really. See for yourself:

Collapse )

And, as I was transferring all this useful stuff across, I discovered that my new bag has another pocket! Another whole pocket for putting my crap useful stuff in. Whatever should I put in there?

Anyway, I'm now wondering what everyone else carries around with them. Chocolate fish to the person with a longer list of useful stuff than me.

[EDIT] When I'm feeling happy I like to listen to Placebo. Angst-ridden, gender-confused poetic ravings of extreme emotion from a guy with a possible drug addiction and amazing range. Go figure.
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