May 12th, 2005


Non threatening extremism

It's weird. If I wear my hair down, even if I blow dry it within an inch of its life, I always manage to look like I just either got out of bed or went for a run in a storm. Scruffy. If I put it up, no matter how sloppily I do it, I always look like I'm off to a cocktail party. It's very odd. My mother has the same thing, only with less of the dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards, because hers is longer. There is no in between for me. I envy those women who manage to look casually elegant all the time. Anyway, today it's up, and I'm wearing a skirt too, and trying to ignore the surprised looks from my colleagues. Do you ever get over being self-conscious?

On the work front, I can't believe how much I like my new job. It's so me. I get to be a geek and a pleb at the same time. Like happyinmotion, builders<---me--->govt. Only I can use swear words and belch if I want (not that I do, oh no!) ;-) at least when I'm talking to the builders. It's not as bad as farming, where a VPL was necessary for credibility..

Er, anyway, other cool job thing - music while working. First time in years. I love it. I'm listening to Faithless - ear massage courtesy of Maxi Jazz. Have I mentioned how much he rocks lately?