May 10th, 2005


It's all about the lurve, baby!

As most folks know, I just turned 35. Now, that's halfway to my 'threescore and ten'. I know, I know, I'm going to live to 120 with all the new technology and that. But anyway, I've been feeling kind of old and wise. Mostly old. So I started contemplating love. When I was 15 I was so sure I understood what it was all about. When I was 25 I was so sure I was in it (oh boy was I so wrong!). Now I'm 35 I've decided I don't understand anything at all about it. Upon discussion with friends of varying ages, I've found that I'm not alone. Most people don't get it.

So why do we get fed the concept of love if nobody gets it? Anyway, this is my plea for some ideas. What the hell is love?

Anyone? Anyone at all? *hopeful look* Surely someone out there can restore my faith that we're not all out there chasing some mythical concept that was invented to entertain children in fairy stories..
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