May 9th, 2005


Cereal killer, maybe (or, the Problem With Memes)

So I did that serial killer meme that's going around. It said I'm most likely to be like some guy who injected acid into people's brains, rendering them zombie-like, then used them for sex till they died, and kept them in his apartment till the stink attracted the attention of the cops and he got caught. Hmm. Problem with this is a) I'm too clean for this, and b) I like my sex to be interactive. Also, I don't actually think I could do that kind of thing to someone.

The problem is, none of the answers were appropriate to how I feel. For example, the one that asks who you're angry at. Well, most of the time, nobody. When I do get angry, it's not at men, women or my parents, it's normally an individual, myself, stupidity or cruelty. And that Rorschach-like blot? To me it looked like either someone pulling a funny face, or goatse.

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that I'm not really serial killer material. I do think I could kill, however. Mercy killing is well within my capability. Killing through passion is not. I have a line that I simply will not cross. I guess some people don't.

So, my question of the day is: under what circumstances do you think you'd be capable of killing another human being? Some examples: war, passion, revenge, voluntary euthanasia, mercy, fun.. other.
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