May 5th, 2005



Things I feel like eating now that it's got cold and wet:
Pastry, meat pies, mashed taties, lasagne, pancakes, croissants, roast chicken, things with cream, more pancakes, melting moment biscuits, things with sauce, steak, not spinach (it's a summer vegie!), in fact anything greasy, stodgy or salty. Oh yeah, and pancakes.

CDs I bought in the Slow Boat $5 bargain bin yesterday:
The Doctrine of Cycles by Arawi
Guden-i-Steinen by Ym:Stammen
Vallenato by Freddy Sierra and Eligio Vega
The Origins of Man Made Noise - a compilation
Helios by Phillip Boa and the Voodoo Club
I confess I'd never heard of any of these, but I have amazing luck when it comes to random $5 cds.
A Hundred Days Off by Underworld
Infidels by Bob Dylan (the only hole in my Dylan collection)
The Whole of the Moon by The Waterboys
Buy the Numbers by De:ju/sa (up there with Afterhours for slow lazy funk)

Things that scare me
How many zits I have since I've been eating the above food
The fact that you can buy Nip/Tuck on DVD and watch it repeatedly
Giving back the $900 my previous employers overpaid me (yes, I called them). Luckily, the other extra $900 I get to keep. ;-)
The number of people who spell 'definitely' as 'definately'. C'mon folks, you should know better.

People I should be wishing Happy Birthday to:
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