May 4th, 2005


They shoot horses, don't they?

Good news!
In Bangladesh, the number of people throwing acid on women is down from previous years.

Those wacky Americans
The state court of Florida blocked a thirteen-year-old girl from having an abortion. "Why can't I make my own decision?" the girl asked a judge. "I don't know," the judge answered.

A middle school in Boulder, Colorado, banned hugging, suggesting that students high-five instead.

I like Harpers Weekly. I also like that I bought new shoes last week, and now my feet are dry and toasty. I don't like that I'm going to have to go to the dentist soon. Can anybody recommend a good (read - cheap) one? I haven't been for a long time. Good teeth run in my family (if we were horses we'd be in demand, oh yes we would - we have good feet as well). My Dad never had a filling, he just pulled out any tooth that bothered him. By the time he was 70 he only had 7 left, so he finally had them all removed and got falsies, which he complained about till the day he died. I can see merit in his philosophy - it's cheap and hassle free. My Mum has a theory that once they start drillng, it vibrates the rest of your teeth and weakens their structure so you need more work, and so on. I can see merit in this too.

The thing that's stopping me being like Dad is vanity. I don't want to pull out teeth and be all gummy. So I guess I have to bite the bullet (hee!) and go get some work done. Pain I can handle. Huge bills I can't.

So - cheap dentists?

Added thingy since it's a dull day: A chocolate fish to the first person that can tell me the year of the movie with the same title as my post, and the name of the leading actor.