May 3rd, 2005



Now it's getting colder and we've been having the heater on regularly, the dogs have taken to lying in front of it, even when it's not going. Last night was particularly cold and wet, and when I let First in this morning she walked over to the heater and started nosing at the switch. It looked for all the world as if she was trying to turn it on.

I've always thought that First wasn't the shiniest paua on the seabed if you get my drift. I may have to rethink. Luckily, you really need opposable thumbs to turn our heater on. Zen uses his intelligence in a much more constructive way, by sitting there shivering and looking cute until someone with opposable thumbs turns it on for him..

Of course it could've been completely random. But yay First! How come nobody else ever witnesses her brainy moments?
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