May 2nd, 2005


You're only as old as you feel (or who you're feeling)

I had the best birthday. I also have the best friends and the best family. Just so you know.

There was a cake with a horse on it. I didn't even get one of those when I was a kid. Chocolate cake, even. *bliss* There were extra-cheesy sausages and a voracious fire of Extreme Smokiness, and marshmallows.

Then there was the shock of telling someone I'm 35 now... *wry grin*

Also, for some reason this morning I was thinking about September 11. Not about the people who died, but about the ones who escaped. I assume they would all have been made redundant, and I just got to wondering what happened to them in terms of jobs, compensation for the loss thereof, whether the government helped them, did they have to relocate, or what? Does anyone know or have links where I can find out?
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