April 30th, 2005


Is it possible for a car to be haunted?

I've had my car for eight months. When I first got it I noticed that I was suddenly feeling minor annoyance at other motorists. This isn't really something I do. Anyway, I sorted that out. Now, in the time I've had this car I've had three minor accidents. This after having only one accident previously in my 18 year driving history. Not long ago I went out, to discover that there was a mysterious hole in the passenger side indicator lens cover. Trying to replace that I discovered that because my car is NZ built, the shape of the lens is an oddball one and there are only a few in the country (wtf?). Finally found one, got it sorted, booked in for a warrant. Three days before the appointment, I get squeezed by someone who doesn't know the rules about who gives way on a hill when the road's too narrow to pass, and my back bumper gets ripped off. This morning, I go out to go to aikido (watching only), only to discover that there is a small hole in the passenger side tail light. Looks like someone shot it with a BB gun. Can't figure any other way you could make a hole like that. *sigh*

I'm thinking of selling it. I like it, it's everything I want in a car. But I just don't need the hassle.