April 28th, 2005



Note to self - when being thrown about the room by large Russian gentlemen, try not to think about fish and chips. Instead, think about avoiding landing hard from a height on your left kidney. This may save much pain and old-lady-like hobbling in the following days.

The thing is, Mike likes to challenge me. It's great, I'm constantly on the edge of what I can do. Last week, by accident, he discovered that I can muddle through ukemi with no supporting arm. This week, he did it to me several times in a row, and added in a couple of high breakfalls just for fun. And my concentration slipped. And I went Crunch. Ow. I'm supposed to be going dancing tomorrow, but I may end up being the foot-tapper in the corner.. we'll see how we go.

Also, someone said the G word. Grading. Urk. Mixed feelings about this. Part of me goes Yay! I'm good enough! The other part thinks it's an artificial test situation that only looks at one aspect of the art, and separates people into categories according to their ability to arrange their arms and legs in the right places. At my level it doesn't really matter, but I've seen those higher grade guys. Ask them to show you a technique and you'll get shown the same technique, but in as many different ways as people you ask. And as you get more skilled, it becomes less about arms and legs and more about where your head's at, and what's going on with your energy. How do you measure that?

But anyway, I'm gonna keep going Yippee anyway, because it's an acknowledgement of sorts, and that's nice. I just hope it's not this week. *rubs bruise*

Oh yeah and my arm-swinging experiment? Although less energetic and slower, I still did it this morning on my walk. And you know, it helped to unstiffen me a bit. ;-)

PS I bought pjs for Kim's party. They are purple and have sheep on them. Purple sheep pjs make everything better.

Same view, different style..

For those who read this who don't live in Wellington, Kerry Prendergast is the mayor who gave the go-ahead to put a bypass through the city, causing the demolition and removal of lots of historic buildings, and destroying what many consider to be the real cultural centre of Wellington. The citizens didn' want the bypass, but we got it anyway.