April 25th, 2005


Still raining..

Still with the snuggly jacket. Gloves may be added to the ensemble shortly. There is a heater with a dog pile in front of it (they think they'd look good in front of a roaring fire on a bearskin rug but will make do in a pinch), there is music and there is gaming and books. Visiting my friend with the wee snug house and the warm cuddly personality may be the go this evening. Since all us hard people bailed on aikido in the rain. Yes, thanks to those anzacs, the gym was shut and we were all too wimpy to train in the sleet. Odd.

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I'm a big fan of Staind. They're good for dark days, days when you are angry and don't know why, wet days stuck indoors, and weirdly the lyrics are relatable even if your life's going well. Also, there are singers who you just believe. Aaron Lewis is one. Ed Kowalczyk from Live is another. And Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20. Then there are ones you don't. Like Michael Jackson. Or Madonna.

Is cold weather like this a good excuse for eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates and chocolate?