April 24th, 2005



Yay for it not raining. And yay for Mac, who knows some of the same people as me, plays polocrosse, was in LOTR and let me ride his horse. Yay for people who've never been on a horse before having a good time.

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I'm in happy horse heaven.. *bliss*

Ad Sean, Mac remembers you and says hi.
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Sunday storms are the best

I have my warm snuggly jacket on. It's nice being warm and snuggly when the weather outside is cold and rainy. And I like thunderstorms.

Expectations are a funny thing. We seem to expect more from ourselves than we do from others. It's like everyone thinks they should be more capable than anyone else. When you think about it, it's ridiculous. But I know so many people who beat themselves up for doing (or not doing) things they'd pass off in other people with a wave of the hand and an "oh well". I do it, but I don't understand it..

I am unrealistic. I want everyone to be happy. Thus, I don't deal well when everyone is not happy. I want to make everything better, which isn't necessarily the best course of action. I inherited this off my mother, along with the need for my house to be immaculate when visitors are coming, and my funny crooked front tooth. She's a great lady, my mum.

Today, laryngitis, diarrhoea, migraines and sick babies stopped play. But there was Polly. Polly rocks. And is *clears throat* Very Academic. Yes.