April 22nd, 2005


A quote, or, Why My Friends Are Such An Eclectic Bunch

'It was those evenings of rum and golden light and hard-boiled or melancholy poems and letters to distant friends that helped make me sure of myself. If you have ideas of your own - even only a few - you have to realise that you'll always be coming up against detractors, people who'll stand in your way, cut you down to size, "help you understand" that what you're saying is nothing, or that you should avoid a certain person because he's crazy, a fag, a traitor, a loser; somebody else a santero, spiritist, druggie; somebody else a thief, shameless, a slut, a dyke, rude. Those people reduce the world to a few hybrid types, colourless, boring, and "perfect". And they want to turn you into a snob and a prick too. They swallow you up in their private society, a society for ignoring and suppressing everyone else. And they tell you, "That's life, my friend, a process of natural selection. The truth is ours, and everybody else can go fuck themselves." And if they spend thirty-five years hammering that into your skull, later, when you're on you own, you think you're better than everybody else and you're impoverished and you miss out on the joy of variety, when variety is the spice of life, the acceptance that we're not all alike and that if we were, life would be very dull.'

From Dirty Havana Trilogy by Pedro Juan Gutierrez

I'm reading this at the moment. I'm a couple of chapters in and already entranced. It's delightful, in the same way that Memoirs From An Antproof Case is delightful, but grittier and less smug. I'm seeing it in a series of snapshots, like wandering around twisty back-alleys of a town you don't know that is bursting with life. It's great, especially after the dry tomes I've been struggling through lately. This one is the opposite of dry - body fluids, alcohol, coffee, tropical rainstorms.. oh yeah, not dry at all. You should read it.

Horsies tomorrow! *happy horsie girl dance*