April 18th, 2005


The difference between the UK and here

Apparently, there's a worldwide building boom going on, and this has created a shortage of skilled workers in the industry. Part of the government's strategy to encourage more young people into apprenticeships and such is a poster campaign. There are two British posters. One depicts a buff, good looking young guy with his bricklaying tools against a tropical background, all tan and abs and smiles, with the obligatory bikini-clad babe and the caption "Dave did lots of laying in Ibiza". The other has a blonde, happy lass in a toolbelt, saying "Trisha got plastered down under".

Ours have black and white pictures of stocky, unshaven, unsmiling men cutting wood and painting things, with the caption "Hard Work Pays Off", and "Build For Your Future Today". I wonder whose posters get more enquiries?

After Saturday's uncoordinated shambles, I look to tonight's training with trepidation.