April 15th, 2005


Another trades tradition I'd forgotten about

The Friday shout. I had totally forgotten such things existed. But, in the grand old tradition of tradespeople in general, my work bungs on beer, wine and such every Friday just before finishing. And yes, there was lemonade for us who like to belch impressively while retaining the ability to walk a straight line.

Anyway, I really like this job. My boss walked in yesterday afternoon, said, "If you get bored with what you're doing, have a look at this and make something of it." Then he disappeared and I got free license! And they act like they actually believe I know what I'm talking about! Research! Details! Photos of hot builder boys on the walls!

There was gi buying today, as you know women do everything in pairs so I went with Kim, and an advisor with a Y chromosome. We stood around the shop in our shiny gi feeling very silly as lots of people traipsed in and out and we got sized. My new one is much thinner than the old one, and I can just tell that my kidney-bruise will be gone in no time. Sadly, I can't gloat and run round the house wearing my gi as pyjamas while pretending I'm Bruce Lee, because it has gone to a friend with a dryer for the obligatory shrinking.

And there will be no horsies till next weekend, so I've tentatively booked for 2.45pm next Saturday. I have to confirm on Wednesday, so anyone who's in other than the folks I had lunch with today, speak now.

But there will be picnicking maybe, and aikido, and moots, and possibly drinkies with new friends. And I'm contemplating some sort of birthday/new job that I actually like/payrise relief/life is good celebration. I'm not big on throwing parties, any other suggestions?
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