April 12th, 2005


When delegators attack

Hmm. My boss is the kind who delegates workshops with free lunches to me. I think I like this job. So tomorrow I'm spending hanging out with the Nerdy Zealots and Quality Assurance Geeks Association, and getting fed on the government. Cool. Also, this morning was rung in with a resounding WHUMP! as a pile of work hit my desk. Sadly, it was gone by lunchtime and I was back to reading. Ah well, maybe they are trying to ease me into it gently. And yay for flexitime!

Yay also for random runnings-into-people at lunchtime, upon which gorging ensues. And yay for name-dropping which gets you discounts at martial arts supply shops. And finding classic tomes for $5 in second hand bookshops.

In sadder news, all you girls who were wondering - so far, not a single hot builder (I think the posters are actually a model) and the best poetry I've heard is "It's gonna rain, what a pain". *cringes*

I feel like wearing dresses. Yay for winter, because it allows me to wear my cool hat.