April 11th, 2005


The Dilemma (or, Why Tats Supports Cloning)

Decisions decisions..

Go for a free session with a 6th dan aikido instructor who only comes to NZ very occasionally in a place where you stand to spend real one-on-one time with him (small lesson)? Or go to see the Unicef charity showing of the Vagina Monologues as arranged with friend months ago? Argh! I decided to do the right thing and although twinging with lost opportunity, I did enjoy the show (laughed my head off actually) and take my hat off to the actors who kept going without missing a beat right through the earthquake. There were 10 (yes I counted) very brave men in the audience, the rest were women. They had that whole Maiden Mother Crone thing going on which was very cool. And I recommend The Wellington Brewing Company for a nice steak of Tats-satisfying proportions.

Also, as first days in new jobs go, today wasn't bad. I got goodies! A bag perfect for climbing shoes or gi, containing a beanie, a frisbee, some sunscreen and a polarfleece blanky. Score! Heaps better than the 3 chocolates and coffee mug I got in my last job. OH, and maybe I'll get to do something tomorrow. I like reading but I've been idle long enough.

Oh, and as a desparate attempt at contact, Maire. Yes, you can. Your phone is engaged and I can't get hold of you. I will bring it with me to work tomorrow and if you call me I'll tell you where to come. ;-)