April 10th, 2005


I learned stuff

Lots of stuff. Stuff like how there are many styles of aikido, of which ours appears to be on the 'extreme gentle' end. Some of the styles around have nothing to do with peace and harmony at all. Stuff about people with wooden arms who are hell bent on demonstrating how much stronger than you they are. And how pretty much everybody weighs more than I do when they are standing on my foot.

I also learned about lengthening, stretching, upping and downing. Lots of downing, ie me down on the floor. I uke'd for a famous man. *beam* He said I have good posture. I showed him a rollerblading trick.

Everything hurts, especially the bit where the wrinkles in my too-big dogi make contact with my kidneys. But it's a nice kind of hurt. I'm sure you know what I mean, and I'm gonna buy a new one that fits on Friday. In fact it's a girly trip with a twist. ;-)

And, I'm out with the zapping, thanks to someone going "Oi! Zap that person over there with the sore head!". *blink* Ah well, had to happen sooner or later. So I'm a freak. Feel free to run away screaming. I won't be offended. In fact I'll probably laugh.

So, tired and sore but happy. This is the Tats test for when a weekend has gone particularly well.
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