April 8th, 2005


Season change weirdness

So last night I'm in a jersey and jeans, looking at First curled up on the floor in a wee ball with her nose tucked in to her tummy and her tail wrapped round, envying her ability to be self-insulating. Today, I'm in a summer dress. No wonder everyone's getting colds. Not that I'm complaining. Bring on the gorgeous weather! Especially since I'm gonna be inside all weekend, sweating and panting as I get thrown about the place willy-nilly. Hands up who had a filthy thought then. I should be so lucky.. heh.

Someone said the other day that I have a relaxing presence. *wonders about people falling asleep when I talk to them* ;-) It was nice and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

And and and, last night I had a meal with no meat. None. And it was tasty. There was lots of sour cream. *likes sour cream* I don't think I'll be converting to vegetarian any time soon, but I was impressed just the same.

Finally, for those inclined towards blue appendages and sunburn and bruising all at the same time, it's Early Bird Season Pass month. Price is up $30 this year, but still a big saving. OK I'm off to dust off my snowboard and have happy wee dreams in which I don't fall over and can actually toe-edge carve both ways..
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