April 7th, 2005


I would make a crap soldier

Last night I was in a war in Argentina. We were all lined up ready to fight, the enemy had brown hats, we had blue ones, we all had guns. There was much posturing, then someone said go. I shot some guy and he got a paintball splat. Nobody shot me because I went and hid in the toilets. I spent the rest of the night roaming around meeting fantasyland characters while trying to find my crew. It was another cast-of-thousands epic.

Anyway, I think if I were asked to go to war I'd say 'no thanks'. I can't think of any cause that would make me want to pick up a weapon and shoot some random stranger. A lot of people I've discussed this with say that they'd fight to protect our country. But what would we be protecting it from? And would fighting really protect it?

So, would you kill for your country?