April 5th, 2005


My brain hurts

*clears throat*

"Use of the definite article - the

Attention should be paid to the meaning of the performance criterion to determine whether or not the definite article is required. For example, a performance criterion beginning 'Consequences...' may be taken to imply that only some consequences are involved whereas a performance criterion beginning 'The consequences...' implies that all critical consequences are required. This particularly applies if the range then identifies the types of critical consequences that must be identified."

I have another 3-4 inches (A4) of this stuff to wade through before next week. I think it's entitled "Guidelines on the level of anality required to effectively alienate yourself from mainstream society." Luckily, I have rudey fluff (thanks Polly) to unkink my brain with.

Also, my body hurts. But Ukemi Are Us. Yes. Most impressed with myself, I am. And, people are showing signs of actually wanting to train with me, which I take as evidence that I'm out of the 'Too Too Unco' stage and into the 'Maybe There's Hope For Her' one.