April 4th, 2005



So on the weekend I had the misfortune of having my wallet go missing. In it was my license, my bankcard, library card, Aro Video card (gasp!) and various other random bits of plastic. Luckily, only $5 in actual cash.

So I cancelled all the cards, now I have to set about getting new ones. The problem is, to get new anything, you have to have ID. Of course, all my ID was in my wallet. So I'm resorting to my birth certificate and a bunch of bits of paper with my name and address on them and perhaps rounding up somebody who's willing to vouch for me being me. Oh yeah, and my season pass from last year has my photo on it. I wonder if that counts?

What a pain in the ass.

EDIT: It turned out to be much less of a pain in the ass than originally assumed. 20 minutes and done, in fact. I now exist again (and can access my bank accounts - yay!)

It's my birthday soon

And I want this. Amongst other things. I've read this book and it's amazing. Has a totally different take on cats and how they relate to their people, Polly, that I think you'd find very interesting.

Anyway, for those of you who are obliged through relativity or whatever to acknowledge my birthday, TA DA! No thinking involved..