April 3rd, 2005


Here's to long rambling conversations

There are not many people with whom you can have a conversation that goes from horses, through meditation, Marxism and the lack of education about such in American schools, the Singularity, different forms of torture to misogynism in martial arts. I am impressed. Totally. And one day I will be a Professional Upstart. I have found my calling.

The thing about the Singularity that I can't get my head around is this: I understand the exponential progress in technology, and the possiblility of the continuation of that leading to the development of more advanced hardware than we can now comprehend. But, the understanding of the human brain, although increasing, is a long way behind. I see the biggest issue with the Singularity being the development of a method of interfacing with the human brain. To make that connection, -both- ends must be understood. And therein lies the rub. Hmm..
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