April 1st, 2005


Parts joy.

Mitsubishi Lancers are a dime a dozen. Or so I thought. That is, until I needed a new indicator lens for it. Then I discovered, after being sent the wrong part twice, that my particular Lancer is the in-between model that was given a facelift before the entire body shape changed, and was only done in NZ, and only for 6 months. So the parts are like hens teeth, and new ones are ridiculously expensive. $180 for a bit of plastic for a car that's worth $5000 at best? *choke*

So I talked the guy down to $120 because I don't need the bulbs and light setup, and am pushing for a further discount due to the fact that I bought the damn car from them in the first place. The new part arrives on Monday. Meanwhile, I'm wondering how much bullshit my story will sound if I get pulled up for no warrant. "Er, officer, it's like this..."

This happened with my last car as well, only that was a computer chip and cost $800. I seem to be a unique-car magnet, even when trying to avoid it.