March 31st, 2005


Decadence rocks.

Yay for afternoon baths with a book, and ice cream. Also yay for cups of tea and intelligent conversation on rainy days, and horse-talk is always welcome.

Speaking of which, anyone want to come riding with me?

Been having happy wee daydreams of my own place. I think it's brought on by the sudden upturn in my finances. I'm thinking small, sunny and gardeny, with an idyllic soft-focus image of me on a beanbag in the lounge in the sun, reading while birds sing. [/romantic]

Believe it or not it was Phirate that spawned this image in my head, obliviously demonstrating total relaxation in a snapshot of time that I bet he doesn't even remember.

I'm totally happy with where I am now, (who wouldn't be?) but in a couple of years time I can see myself in that happy repose. The hard thing will be tossing up between that and my own bit of dirt which has a less-than-idyllic image of me in overalls and boots swinging a scrubcutter in the sun. Both appeal.

How do I get both?