March 30th, 2005


Being officially unemployed has its upsides

One being that I don't have to get up and go to work on days like today. Another being that my adventurous last two weeks has caught up with me suddenly and made my brain go into some kind of free-fall. Having to use it brings on blankness followed by monosyllables such as 'duh' and 'unh', and persistence in requiring a thought process ends up with me blubbing my frustration. *sigh* Thus, not having to go to work is a good thing. However, it's like swimming through jelly and not very nice. I saw some people this morning, can't remember anything they said so please remind me if it was anything important.

I've eaten meat (mmmmm, meat good) to boost the iron levels, swallowed a meal's worth of various Pills Of Brain Function-y-ness, and am about to go have a kindy nap. After which I will be sharp as.. something pointy.. unh.

Oh yeah, and being able to have kindy naps. I shall fix my car if it ever stops raining, and may go climbing. Next week I read Work Stuff.

There are good things to be happy about.
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