March 28th, 2005


Two girls, two dogs, one 1965 Singer Vogue

Things that were cool about this road trip:

Starting brilliantly before even leaving Wellington. It not being stormy as they said it would. The Desert Road in flower, heather-pink and tussock-gold merging with tawini green. Having First along. Staying here, where dogs are welcome:

Discovering that sleeping in a car on foam mattresses is way nicer than sleeping on squabs in a tent. Returning the reciprocal stone. Swimming naked in the Waikato River on the full moon. Hanging out with the gypsies. Being shown a 'really freaky' photo from last weekend and discovering it was of me.. *blinks* Finding chocolate eggs left for us by a stranger. Meeting an old guy with a broom and walking away an hour later feeling as if five minutes had passed. Wearing a poncho without feeling silly. Relearning how to drive an old car that goes better around corners than in straight lines. Being a passenger for long enough to notice things. Seeing 14 traffic cops and not being pulled up by any of them. Having the car to myself for a night (who got lucky?). Feeling the amazing vibes of that area..

Getting home. *happy sigh* I need a neck massage (old cars..). Failing that, bath, book, bed. Mmm. I like road trips.
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