March 24th, 2005


Yet another ending

JG Frazer is sitting on my desk, alternately whispering my name
seductively and mocking me in sardonic tones. I want to hit him with a
large hammer. Michael King is sitting next to him waving a big orange
flag. Next to him, Marcus Aurelius looks down his nose at me. But
damnit, I'm reading fiction and they can all bloody well wait. Trash is
good for you. It's like rolling around in the grass and occasionally
eating without washing your hands. It builds up resistance to harmful

In other news, a feeling of deja vu is settling on me as I delete files, clear history and pack up another desk. Yup, it's my last day - again. Bets on whether I make it through a full day? No takers? Smart people. Strangely, all this extra money I'm supposed to get didn't come through with my regular pay. I'm trying to still the little voice that's telling me they're going to pull a swifty on me, and looking up the payroll guy's phone number.

Yay! Two weeks of freedom! *capers*

I think sensei was grumpy last night. I saw him frown and sigh. First time ever. Luckily it wasn't at me. And I seem to be wearing more bruises than usual today, especially on my newly-exposed pin bones. The waistband of my pants sits just where these bony bits stick out and add to my personal lumpiness. I have matching bruises - a must-have fashion accessory for the aikidoka with no style..