March 23rd, 2005


Are meter readers shorter these days?

The meter box outside our front door has been moved, I'm sure of it. It must have been. How can you live in a place for a year and never even notice the meter box, then suddenly find the corner of it with your head while looking for your keys, unless it's been moved, damnit? I saw stars, tweety birds and nubile men in loincloths but there was no blood with which to garner sympathy. Grr. Just an unsightly lump and watering eyes.

I'm reading 'Sushi for Beginners'. It's the lightest reading I've done for ages and you know, I'm enjoying it. Every now and then it's nice to just read for entertainment. However, if I start on Mills and Boon, please shoot me.

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They forgot pervy dentists..

Some people don't deserve to live

OK, so how do you feel about dogs? Some people like them, some don't. No doubt everyone's been annoyed by a barking one at some stage. But would you go so far as to poison someone's dog by feeding it meat laced with antifreeze? This just happened to someone I know. The poisoner threw a bag of this stuff over the fence into her yard, now both her dogs are dying and there's nothing she can do. Poisoned dogs die horribly. Why would somebody do such a thing? And in what universe is it ok?

Fuck. I feel sick.

EDIT: One of the dogs has now been euthanised to end suffering. The other is in intensive care with about a 60/40 chance against. It has kidney damage which may kill it within a week if it survives this acute stage. I thinnk about what she must be going through and I look at my dog and just can't help but think "Why?"