March 21st, 2005


Instant gratification is a wonderful thing

Three people today have asked me where I got my skirt. It's plain and grey and I got it at Farmers for $20. It must be the boots. I like my boots, though they make me feel very tall. They are shiny and feel nice and make a $20 skirt into one other people ask about.

I saw a thirstygirl clone! She had stripey hair and a hippy dress and a big hat with a veil and all the same mannerisms and the same voice and the same glasses and are you sure TG was in town for the weekend? It was uncanny. So which one is the Evil Twin?

Also on Top Gear last night there was a bit where Lancaster University had figured that cars are actually more economical fuel-consumption-wise than trains. Read this and the comments that go with it to see why you shouldn't sell your ten-trip concession and buy a Holden just yet.

More old friends resurfacing. I like it..
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