March 20th, 2005


Go home and have a shower you damn stinky hippy!

Er, yeah. When camping, don't forget your shampoo. Washing one's hair with soap does not give one the Shine of Fresh Green Apples. It gives one dreadlocks.

I have dirty toenails from being barefoot. I have tack for happyinmotion. I have had an experience I'll never forget. There were some really cool people, some interesting people and some downright odd people. The girl doing cartwheels across the campground in nothing but a g-string gets the prize for Kook o' The Festival (no it wasn't me). I met some people I'd like to keep in touch with and participated in esoteric activities of various ilks. There was drumming, chanting and dancing. I enjoyed these very much. In fact my next splash will be a drum. I think I'd like a djembe, especially if it's one you can play in the rain.

I met a guy who claims that there are 7 crystals buried under Raurimu that were put there by Jesus in 640AD and are connected to Mt Shasta and Glastonbury in a cosmic way, ready for when Mother rids the world of all negativity. "Er, um.. OK, I'd best go prepare myself then." *smile* *back away* Nice guy though.

I wore dresses and bellydanced around the fire. Polly drew a crowd of folks for her talk so applause for her. Drivers were being sensible. That was cool, when's the next one?

Now I must go hunt food.

EDIT: My new monitor is so sharp that it shows up all the splotches on my glasses. I clean them twice as much now.
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