March 18th, 2005


Oh look

Wet stuff is falling out of the sky. And I'm going camping.. *contemplates this* Ah well, I'm supposed to be a tough farmer chick, right? *packs a raincoat*

Autumn equinox is this weekend, along with the end of daylight savings. That always makes me look back over the summer and wish I'd used those extra hours more fully, curse you bent toe!

Been listening to Pearl Jam. This song takes me back a few years and reminds me of an old, old friend. Kinda melancholy but beautiful:

Collapse )

Meanwhile, I don't think I've raved enough about my new monitor. It rocks! So pretty. And big, yet small. Now I need a video card that can keep up with it.

Right, off to transmute into a hippy for a few days. (Qualification - I'm a hippy that washes, ok?)
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