March 17th, 2005


Parcel week

Parcels! Lots of them! Yay! While some are not very exciting (car indicator lens that doesn't damn well fit), there was my new monitor. It's shiny and big and there is so much space on my desk to fill up with crap. Apparently having no dead pixels at all is pretty amazing, even in a new one. For the geeks it's one of these. And stuff. Yes. Happy-making stuff. *likes stuff*

I thought it was time for a new icon along with the changes that I just can't seem to avoid. I like it. She's wounded, but still smiling. Have I told you I want to be her when I grow up?

Going camping on the weekend. I haven't been camping for so long. In fact, I haven't had any real adventures lately, what's up with that? So yay for camping! *beam*

Oh yeah, and I'm listening to a CD by Hellserpoppin (local band). I had the pleasure of meeting their singer by virtue of sort of helping move house, and I find it very difficult to equate the Staind-like voice I'm hearing with the soft-voiced wee boy in the beanie running around with a vacuum cleaner. It's good music though.