March 14th, 2005


Why my Mum rocks

Just one of the reasons is emails like this:

"I have been sending it into the ether that you deserve a good job that you will
enjoy and make good money. I am so pleased that you have got this far with the one you mentioned. I am so happy. It is definitely deserved, but well done, anyway.

*warm glow*

EDIT: Oh and that alcohol meme thing is a Crock O Shite. I scored higher than 99% of people in everything and I don't even drink.


It's official. I now have a new job, starting 4 April. There is a uniform but it's not too stinky for girls - just a plain shirt with the logo in the same colour as the shirt, kinda subtle (the guys' one is SO ugly I was worried). I don't actually have to go in to work till 11 April so effectively I get two weeks off between jobs. Yay for things lining themselves up so I land on my feet. And, now's the time for new monitor hunting! w00t!

Random stuff:
The reason I don't like watching sloppy love scenes in movies is envy, plain and simple.

Yesterday I saw a man on a Segway in Willis St, on the pavement and wondered a) What the law is about them, b) How they handle steep hills and c) How long it'll be before Wellington's full of them.

Today, the Green Man loves me. I didn't even have to slow down to cross streets on my contract-signing trip this morning.

The little guy on Top Gear is cute in a way that makes me want to take him home and tuck him in. Also, how could anyone resist a guy who spends part of his budget on an experiment to see if modified cars run faster on cow poo or people poo?

Mysterious packages in the mail are cool, even when they aren't for me.

I crave bread. Crusty, soft, warm bread. Mmm..
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