March 11th, 2005


Crazy interview question du jour

"Please describe an occasion where you were required to champion company policy that went against your personal principles."


My answer "There haven't been any occasions of this in my employment history that are strong enough to be memorable for interview purposes. Fact is, I'm not getting paid to champion my personal causes, and when somebody offers, I'll go work for them."

Facetious? Probably. Honest? Hell yeah. WTF kind of question is that anyway?

Annanuvver: "Please give me an example of an occasion when you made a mistake that you could've gotten away without anyone knowing, and tell us what you did."

"Oh yeah, there was the time I signed a piece of paper without reading it, and it was a death warrant for 300 people, only the signature was illegible so I denied all knowledge." No I didn't really say that but FFS, how blatant can you be? They might as well have said "Are you willing to own up to your mistakes?" and saved everyone some unnecessary mental strain.

It seems to me that keeping a video camera on yourself at all times at work would be the best way to be prepared for a job interview. Either that or memorise -everything- you say and do because someone might ask you about it in the future.

Um, anyway, I dreamed last night that I was at Hogwarts (thanks Polly for Potter slash triggers) only my Hogwarts had an indoor Quidditch field and an all-weather dressage arena. I was a happy wee camper, only my horse kept falling over in painful ways, and the chimpanzees (?) kept attacking it. I blame The House of Flying Daggers, in which they used trip-wires to do the horse stunts. Grr. These have been outlawed in Western countries since the 60's because too many horses died. *snarl*

Other than that (and too many closeups of people sucking face) it was a beautiful movie. The colours! *goes into raptures* The beautiful women! Why are Asian women so beautiful, Asian men so, well.. not? Hollywood, even Peter Jackson, could learn something about cinematography from the folks that made this movie. And yes, beagl, it was a tragedy. Lassie didn't come home. It also gets the award for the longest fight/death scene ever - two guys fight and autumn turns to winter around them. Very cool.
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Apparently I am the preferred candidate for the job I interviewed for yesterday. w00t! n stuff. They are reference checking today and as long as my referees don't go "Oh gosh no, don't employ her, everything she said at the interview was a lie!" then I will be offered the job on Monday.

*large weight lifts up and flies away*